With the Bumper guards from Autoleisten.com is the side sections of your car well protected!

Why PROFILEX protective profiles ?

Arguments for sales » -

1) Function :

PROFILFX prevents damage to the own and foreign vehicles at careless handling of the doors, increases the lateral crumple zones in the dreaded right-angle collisions , thus improving the safety of the occupants , -

2 ) optics:

PROFILEX gives the car the same good looks as a GS or GL version, but at a much lower price. -

3) Installation :

PROFILEX composite profiles are only available in pre-wired version, that is, deduct except protective strip and assemble produced no other working expenses. The installation is also very easy, since all lengths, the miter and the trims on the door columns fit exactly to the motor vehicle in question. The attachment of the strips can therefore also be acquired by less skilled workers. -

The drilling of screw holes, set of installation fasteners, etc. is eliminated and thus, any risk of corrosion. The only required pretreatment is degreasing the paint surface with mineral spirits. PROFILEX is " on the high edge " stable, that is, the substances resulting from improper fitting of pure plastic Profiles " garlands " can not occur.

PROFILEX is even highly elastic to the vehicle and the contour fits easily on.

4 ) Prices:

PROFILEX bull bar is reasonably priced, as compared to many other similar products on the general market.

PROFILEX is also available as single parts at a reasonable price *

In case of accident, you do not need to buy a whole set.

5) Quality:

5.1 Temperature behavior;

PROFILEX composite profiles have by design the same extent as the vehicle body, which means: no tensions can arise when heated between rail and car, PROFILEX is therefore stable to heat. The risk of detachment due to thermal overstressing is thus eliminated - here is a calculation example:

A pure plastic strip is under intense sunlight by 7mm longer than a driver's door. Result : considerable stress on the adhesive bond, risk of detachment of the ends. Treatment in car washes does the rest to the parts completely separate.

5.2 plasticizer barrier :

Plastics in the outer region of cars should, according to EG - Directive not be harder as 85 ° Shore A. This means that the plastic used for this purpose include plasticizers. This plasticizer has the property to diffuse under heat into the adhesive tape ( to hike ) sequence. Softening of the adhesive, reduced liability, and finally failure of the bond. The PROFILEX concept to avoid this disadvantage is the metal support, that is, an impermeable layer between the tape and plastic.

5.3 Tape:

A long-proven double-sided tape from the company 3M ensures proper adhesion by PROFILEX. The surfaces are adequately sized. A strict input control ensures consistent quality. The tape is completely fuel and temperature resistant.

5.4 metal support :

PROFILEX uses exclusively stainless steel for this element, which is also used by the OEMs. ( Material No. 4113 )

5.5 plastic:

The elastic elements of PROFILEX composite profiles are made of soft PVC from a reputable manufacturer. The mixture is specifically formulated for exterior application . A transfer of pigments to the paint is completely impossible!

5.6 Controls:

PROFILEX composite profiles are subjected to strict controls before they leave the production.This is particularly true for metal / PVC compound, the adhesive tape and the stainless steel.
PROFILEX is manufactured using modern equipment by a team of experienced Specialists in the field of plastic / metal compound.

6) Delivery time :

The modern and flexible means of PROFILEX manufacturing allows extremely short delivery times and the rapid adaptation to every possible delivery situation. -