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Custom-made, own design, wishes, creation, individuality and originality. Paint protection in OEM quality for all vehicles.

Custom-fit according to the purpose, profile and dimensions.

As Manufacturer and Supplier, we offer our customers the chance to choose out of over 35 plastic Profiles according to desire and application purposes.

The Protective Moldings find their meaningful application in Cars, Trucks, motorcycle, RVs,Boats, etc. on painted surfaces. All Profiles are self-adhesive backed with 3M adhesive Tape. The self-adhesive Profiles are available as Meter goods or custom-made.

Custom-made products can be made according to measurements, drawings or templates. The end design of PVC profiles is mechanical (cutting, grinding, etc.). With TPE profiles, we have the option of thermoplastically shaping the ends with different angles and radii.

In order to be able to see the protective strip profiles on a vehicle, simply copy the respective profile number, for example: P056.09.111 without the word profile in the search field of the shop system at the top left.

Please specify the desired lengths and angles when placing your order, alternatively, we can also use a sketch or a cardboard template.


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